Hello I’m Dexter Miranda—a user experience and visual designer based in Brooklyn, New York. Below is my portfolio and other projects. Let’s make something. Hit. Me. Up. hello@dxtr.com

  • Permutations

    Permutations is a five year generative design study. The project aims to explore computational graphic and layout design. This project begins in 2018 thru 2023.

  • The Face We Make

    The Face We Make was a five year portrait mapping project, interpreting ten emotions we use in online communication, emoticons/emojis. It used available technologies at the time (face.com and faceOSC). 2010—2015.

  • The Figure and Other Drawings

    The Figure and Other Drawings was a five year drawing project. The drawings are mostly figurative and focused on short 30 second to long 3 hour poses. 2008–2013

  • The Drawing Group

    In conjunction with the 2008 drawing project, a weekly drawing group was created forming a small community of artists. To archive the work and activities of the group, from art shows, drawing marathons, etc. a website was produced. 2008–present

  • Bikes

    An archive of bicycles, parts, and concepts designed and built over the years. The projects were mostly exercises in product design.

  • Fonts

    A repository of typefaces produced over the years. From weekend type studies, class projects, to experimental fonts that eventually made it to commercial use.

  • Pictures

    This is my personal photography blog and a constantly evolving website, where I experiment on web platforms and development process using my own photography as content.