Parsons Program Visualization

01 Program visualization in modal view

A pioneer in art and design education since its founding in 1896, Parsons has cultivated outstanding artists, designers, scholars, businesspeople, and community leaders for more than a century. Today, when design thinking is increasingly being employed to solve complex global problems, Parsons is leading new approaches to art and design education.

Title: Parsons Program Finder
Project: An experimental program finder based around the idea of space and galaxy clusters.
Project Duration: Three Months
Client: Parsons the New School for Design
Role: Ideation, Graphic, and Interaction Designer
Award: Webby Awards Official Honoree

02 Area of study orbit animates

03 Program clusters orbits around an area of study

01 Interaction

02 Interaction

03 Interaction

04 Interaction

05 Interaction


01 Orbit parameters

02 Orbit patterns

03 Cluster patterns

01 Animation

02 Animation

03 Animation

04 Animation

05 Animation

01 Permutation

02 Permutation

03 Permutation

01 Type cluster

02 Type cluster

03 Type cluster


01 Circle Packing

02 Galaxy Cluster

03 Lindenmayer System

04 Nervous System