Content Strategy

As part of the GSTEM launch, the website was architected to highlight the mission and philosophy of the initiative. And the way it influences their approach to educating young women in the STEM field. Each facet of the program catalog integrates into the application guide designed to inform and lead students and their guardians to the application process of this selective program.

Visual Design

The website translates the result of user experience research and testing, combined with the colors, typography, and illustrations developed for the new identity system. To produce a visual design that delivers on the mission goals of the program. And convey the youthful energy of the prospective GenZ students.

UX and UI Prototype

The interactive prototype enables the client to navigate the entire website. Gain insight into the hierarchy of content from page to page and the overarching structure of the website. The prototype allows us to identify which content areas work and validate the interactions through testing. This process saves time and money by catching problems in the site-flow before the website is programmed.

03 wireframe: low-fidelity interaction

Site and User flow Diagram

A site-flow and user-flow created for the client provided a high-level view of the process a user takes to accomplish tasks on the website. The diagram also gives an overarching map of the website content and its relationship with each other.

06 site-flow diagram
04 detail: site-flow diagram
05 sitemap and content map